Max Bordeaux, When Only The Best Will Do


Local Food And Wine

Max Bordeaux When Only The Best Will Do

by Paige Donner

Max Bordeaux Wine Gallery & Cellar, Bordeaux, Photo by Paige Donner for Local Food And Wine

When your wine tastes will be satisfied only by the best, Bordeaux has another top wine bar for you. Fittingly, it, too, is right across the street from a Tourist Office, Tourisme Gironde. In the center of Bordeaux, it it is right on the tramline and just up from the Opera, though if you don’t ask for it, you might not find it on your first trip.

Luckily – for me! – I had come across a great Guide Book to The Gironde that I was determined to get a copy of. I had seen that it was published by the Tourism Office but didn’t find a copy of it until I wound my way to the Gironde Tourism Office. I guess…

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