Episode 11 GOOD food + wine

posted by Paige Donner

In this episode of Paris GOODfood+wine for November 2015 we’ll be hearing all about ways in which the centuries’ strong Franco-American relations are deepening.

L'Hermione Frigate
L’Hermione Frigate

The golden nugget of this episode is an interview with members of the 1855 Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés organization telling us about their participation in supporting the reconstructed replica of the Frigate, called L’Hermione, that the Marquis de Lafayette, who we Americans call our French Founding Father, sailed to the United States on in 1780.

L’Hermione is the 3-masted 32 gun frigate that carried Lafayette to New York’s harbor in 1780 when he was bringing good news to the American Independence fighters: his King and the sovereign nation of France would support us militarily.

This last summer, July 1 2015, a replica of the frigate arrived in New York’s harbor with much fanfare and also with the support of the Castine Historical Society (http://www.castinehistoricalsocietyhermione.org/) the non-profit dedicated to keeping this history alive in our memories today.

The New York Times documented the frigate’s arrival last summer by noting in their July 1st edition, “ THE last time a boat sailed into New York Harbor bearing the Marquis de Lafayette, …

The year was 1824, and some 50,000 people — roughly a third of New York’s population — lined the streets for a glimpse of Lafayette, the “French founding father,” who was visiting the United States as part of a 13-month triumphal tour of the nation he had helped liberate nearly a half-century earlier. 

Episode 11 in our Season 2 of Paris GOODfood+wine,

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