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West Coast USA’s culinary ambassador of slow food never went to a cooking school. Instead, Alice Waters taught herself by doing, by watching and by absorbing. Her sojourns in France, namely in Nantes and en Provence, were also great leaps of culinary evolution for this auto-didact.

Now, in time for the holiday gift giving season, her classic book, The Art of Simple Food,  has, at long last, been translated into French.

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So if you remember enjoying meals at Chez Panisse, or always dreamt of doing so, this will be a great addition to your holiday gifts list.

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L’Art de la cuisine simple, véritable best-seller traduit en dix-sept langues, est un outil indispensable pour tout cuisinier, débutant ou confirmé. Ses plats simples et inventifs sont toujours axés sur le goût et le respect des saisons. Au fil des nombreuses recettes qui sont expliquées dans le détail, vous découvrirez tous…

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