Episode 42: The Feast Is In The First Bite – Chefs Ludo Lefebvre & Nina Métayer

Chérie Du Vin

by Paige Donner

The feast is in the first bite. I came across this phrase recently listening to a science program on the radio about how human taste buds function.

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Click on the Above Picture or HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

 It was scientifically explained that in fact with each subsequent bite of food, there is a diminishing sensory enjoyment insofar as the taste explosion in your mouth. So in this season of joyful excess, we can reassure ourselves that the feast is indeed in the first bite.


  • Nina Métayer, Executive Pastry Chef, Café Pouchkine: Start Time – 7′ 30 seconds

Nina Metayer Experience-Vignettelarge

  • Chef Ludo Lefebvre of Trois Mec, Los Angeles: Start Time – 25′ 49 seconds

Ludo Lefebvre 20150214_quote_banner



As I sit here at my desk in my office in the Marais recording this, I realize that this 2018 holiday season here…

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