Episode 50: Water Into Wine, Jane Anson, Bordeaux Great Wine Capitals, Wallace Fountains

by Paige Donner


LISTEN HERE  Episode 50 Paris GOODfood+wine 


Autumn is mushroom season in France. Pictured here, a beautiful Cep (Porcini) mushroom. Photo by Paige Donner. More on FoodWine.photography


LISTEN HERE  Episode 50 Paris GOODfood+wine 



Water Into Wine

For Episode 50 of Paris GOODfood+wine we are talking about water and wine.

The first interview is with the author of a new guidebook, Find The Wallace Fountains, Find Paris. Barbara Lambesis (pictured below) had the brilliant idea to not just tell the history of these statuesque cast iron sculptures that grace our city and provide potable running water for thirsty Parisians, but cleverly thought to fashion walking tours around them, too.


Photo by Paige Donner

The Wallace Fountains are one of the magical elements of Paris that you can walk by dozens, if not hundreds of times, and not really ever give much thought to them. But wait ’til you hear this conversation, I guarantee you ‘ll be motivated to seek out these wonderful puveyors of fresh, potable water.



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Then, back down in Bordeaux for the Great Wine Capitals 20th anniversary conference, I got to sit down with wine journalist and consummate Bordeaux Insider, Jane Anson (pictured below).

photo by Paige Donner

She gives us a sneak peek into her newest book, Inside Bordeaux, which will be available in book stores early spring 2020, right about March. We also delved into the topic of what makes Bordeaux such a great Wine Capital, and even more, what are necessary elements that make a wine region particularly attractive to visitors.

Winners for 2019 Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Awards, Photo by Paige Donner

Great Wine Capitals : GreatWineCapitals.com

Jane Anson on @twitter.com/newbordeaux

So, this, our 50th episode of Paris GOODfood+wine, – – my podcast is now almost as old as me, at least in numbers – is devoted to my two favorite beverages, water and wine.

Sounds almost sacred, doesn’t it?

Well, anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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