Ha(a)itza, Pyla-sur-Mer (Bassin d’Arcachon)

THE place to be in Bordeaux this summer is at Ha(a)itza, just by the beach in the Bassin d’Arcachon.

More than just a brand new 5* Star, Starck-designed hotel, this is a full-blown by-the-beach resort that transforms the exclusive upscale enclave that is Pyla-sur-Mer into a destination getaway ranked in the category of world-class.

Hotel Ha(a)itza, Pyla-sur-Mer - Bordeaux
Hotel Ha(a)itza, Pyla-sur-Mer – Bordeaux

Bordeaux locals, but also jetsetters, are familiar with the resplendent property,  La Co(o)rniche that overlooks the Dune of Pyla, the largest sand dune in Europe. This natural wonder is an anchor landmark for the Arcachon Bay.  That property is also Philippe Starck designed and since opening 5 years ago, hasn’t waned a bit in terms of glitz and glamour and its attraction of high-profile people looking for a piece of paradise while on vacation.

The story of Ha(a)itza is one that follows in this wake of success. The same husband and wife team of La Co(o)rniche took the plunge and bought the long-abandoned 1930s hotel that was once called Haitza. World-famous designer, Philippe Starck, and family friend, already had distinct visions as to the look and feel of the hotel even before the ownership papers were signed.

Haaitza exterieure IMG_2733

Hotel Ha(a)itza, Pyla-sur-Mer - Bordeaux
Hotel Ha(a)itza, Pyla-sur-Mer – Bordeaux
patisserie de famille haitza 1000x667
La Patisserie de Famille, Hotel Ha(a)itza, Pyla-sur-Mer – Bordeaux
Hotel Ha(a)itza, Pyla-sur-Mer - Bordeaux
Hotel Ha(a)itza, Pyla-sur-Mer – Bordeaux

And, Voilà, the stunning result is Ha(a)itza, opened July 2016, that is a 38 room property with 7 suites and one apartment decorated in a kind of contemporary blend with historical roots. The blend of fisherman’s beach cabin and bright lit electric signs is a feat of harmony that only someone like Starck and his artist daughter could pull off. Because they do.

A 5-Star Resort

However, it’s essential to distinguish that this is more than a 5-star hotel, it’s a 5-star resort.  Designed as only a local of the community would know how, this property features La Patisserie de Famille, a pastry shop/ tea room stocked daily from the on site pastry kitchen. Its heated pool can be covered by its glass atrium roof or uncovered depending on the weather’s mood. The bar is a signature-Starck open bar with underlit slabs of white marble that reflect the jewel like tones of fresh juices and just blended cocktails. The gastronomic restaurant is graced with an authentic wooden skiff that hangs from the ceilings and is reminiscent of Oxford rowing club days (if you date that far back).

Another on-premise comfort is a full spa, an aquagym bike, a state-of- the art fitness gym whose natural lighting floods in from the gardens and a David Lucas hair and nail salon. And this is all just in the main building. The just-home-from-an-African-safari themed lobby-lounge is another wonderful little niche in which to enjoy reading Le Figaro or the International NY Times.

Feeling a little adventurous? Then walk across the street to the Café Ha(a)itza where the open kitchen and another long, communal bar wait to greet you and encourage friendly exchange with other resort guests. The upstairs of the café is similarly furnished with previously loved and comfortably worn upholstered couches and lounges with nude-tan leather chairs as accents. The number of fishing lures and paperback Old Man And The Sea themed books would take years to count let alone assemble on in one place. No detail, not a one, has been overlooked.

As a designer, Starck very evidently put his heart and sould into this project. And the family owned and operated resort, in this sleepy little posh enclave of Pyla Sur Mer, is more than ready to warmly welcome your arrival.

1 avenue Louis Gaume 33115 Pyla-sur-Mer. Réservation au 05 56 22 06 06  www.haaitza.com